Raphaella Bilski : My street cats

Raphaella Bilski : My street cats

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They live beside us. They need our help and attention to survive. Most of us accept their presence without questioning it. Some of us ignore them, while others give them food and water. These are the street cats. But what do we actually know about them? This book offers rare insight into the lives of a community of feral cats in Jerusalem, their personalities and social behavior, spanning fourteen years of observation. We encounter, Fluffy the courageous fur ball who overcomes a terrible accident; Bear and Doll, two females who practice joint motherhood; Grayush the Pavarotti of cats, an ugly and sickly cat who sings his way into leadership; and many more. The book aims at raising global awareness of the 'invisible' cats living all around us, and to promote understanding of and sympathy for these amazing animals.

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